Dr. Tee Boon Goh

Tee Boon Goh

Dr. Goh's training includes a Ph.D. with specialization in Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy. 

Current Research Interests

  • Interactions among chromium, aluminum, iron, clays and organics
  • Enzymology in clays and oxides
  • Organo-mineral complexes and contaminant dynamics in soils and lake waters
  • Soil aggregation and stability
  • Humic substances
  • Waste coal fly ash and zeolites in treatment of manure

Teaching Responsibilities:

SOIL 3600 - Soils and Landscapes in Our Environment
SOIL 4130 - Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy
SOIL 7130 - Soil Chemistry
SOIL 7220 - Principles of Scientific Research
SOIL 1500 - Natural Resources and Primary Agricultural Production

Recent Publications


Goh, T.B.; Karamanos, R.E.; Lee, J.  2013.  Effects of phosphorus form on short-term solubility and availability in soils.  Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 44: 1/4, 136-144.

Szczerski, C., Naguit, C., Markham, J., Goh, T.B. and Renault, S.  2013.  Short- and Long-Term Effects of Modified Humic Substances on Soil Evolution and Plant Growth in Gold Mine Tailings.  Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 224:1471


Benke, M.B., Goh, T.B., Karamanos, R.,  Lupwayi, N.Z. and Hao, X.  2012.  Retention and nitrification of injected anhydrous NH3 as affected by soil pH.  Can. J .Soil Sci.  92:589-598.


Fiantis, D. Nelson, M. Shamshuddin, J. Goh, T. B. Ranst, E. van  2011.  Changes in the chemical and mineralogical properties of Mt. Talang volcanic ash in West Sumatra during the initial weathering phase.  Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 42:569-585.


Contact Information:

Dr. Tee Boon Goh, Professor
Department of Soil Science
University of Manitoba
362 Ellis Building
13 Freedman Crescent
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2
Phone: (204) 474-6046
Email: TeeBoon.Goh@ad.umanitoba.ca