HNS Undergraduate Courses

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Undergraduate Courses (Follow .pdf link for Course Outline)

HNSC 1200    Food: Facts and Fallacies (.PDF)
HNSC 1210    Nutrition for Health and Changing Lifestyles (.PDF)
HNSC 2130    Nutrition Through the Life Cycle (.PDF)
HNSC 2140    Basic Principles of Human Nutrition (.PDF)
HNSC 2150    Composition, Functional and Nutritional Properties of Foods (.PDF)
HNSC 2160    Principles of Food Preparation and Preservation (.PDF)
HNSC 2170    Nutrition for Health Professionals (.PDF)
HNSC 3260    Food Quality Evaluation (.PDF)
HNSC 3300    Vitamins and Minerals in Human Health (.PDF)
HNSC 3310    Macronutrients and Human Health (.PDF)
HNSC 3320    Nutrition Education and Dietary Change (.PDF)
HNSC 3330    Ingredient Technology for Designed Foods (.PDF)
HNSC 3342    Management for Food and Nutrition Professionals (.PDF)
HNSC 3350    Culture and Food Patterns (.PDF)
HNSC 3870    Food Geographies (.PDF)
HNSC 4120    Senior Thesis (.PDF)
HNSC 4122    Research Project in Human Nutritional Sciences (.PDF)
HNSC 4140    Quantity Food Production and Management (.PDF)
HNSC 4160    Seminar in Foods and Nutrition (.PDF)
HNSC 4270    Sensory Evaluation of Food(.PDF)
HNSC 4280    Food Product Development (.PDF)
HNSC 4290    Food, Nutrition and Health Policies (.PDF)
HNSC 4300    Community Nutrition Intervention (.PDF)
HNSC 4310    Nutrition and the Elderly (.PDF)
HNSC 4320    Nutrition Management of Disease States (.PDF)
HNSC 4340    Maternal and Child Nutrition (.PDF)
HNSC 4350    Nutrition in Exercise and Sport (.PDF)
HNSC 4362    Nutrition Option Practicum (.PDF)
HNSC 4364    Foods Industry Option Practicum (.PDF)
HNSC 4540    Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (.PDF)
HNSC 4600    Practice-based Research in Human Nutritional Sciences (.PDF)
HMEC 2000    Research Methods and Presentation (.PDF)