Faculty and Staff


Derek G. Brewin , Ph. D., Professor and Department Head
Regional Economics, Financial Management, Grain Markets, Red Meat Supply Chains
Tel : (204) 474-8702 
Email: derek.brewin@umanitoba.ca

 Milton S. Boyd, Ph.D., Professor
Finance, Risk Management, Agribusiness, International Marketing
Tel : (204) 474-6031 
Email: milton.boyd@umanitoba.ca

 Ryan Cardwell , Ph. D., Associate Professor
Development Economics, International Trade, Trade Policy
Tel : (204) 474-9609
Email: ryan.cardwell@umanitoba.ca

 Jared G. Carlberg, Ph. D., Professor, Associate Dean (Academic)
Agribusiness, Industrial Organization, Marketing
Tel : (204) 474-9827
Email: jared.carlberg@umanitoba.ca

 Barry T. Coyle, Ph.D., Professor
International Trade, Production Economics, Econometrics
Tel : (204) 474-9734 
Email: barry.coyle@umanitoba.ca

 Julieta Frank, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Price Analysis, Marketing, Futures and Options Markets, Risk Management, Market Microstructure
Tel : (204) 272-1608
Emai: julieta.frank@umanitoba.ca

 Charles Grant, Ph.D., Senior Instructor
Financial Risk Management, Applied Agribusiness
Tel : (204) 474-9619
Email: charles.grant@umanitoba.ca

 Gary V. Johnson, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Resource and Environmental Economics
Tel : (204) 474-9795
Email: gary.johnson@umanitoba.ca

Chad D. Lawley , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Natural Resource Economics, International Trade, Agriculture and Environment
Tel : (204) 474-9397 
Email: chad.lawley@umanitoba.ca

 Brian T. Oleson, Ph.D., Professor
Agribusiness Chair in Cooperatives and Marketing
Tel : (204) 474-9782
Email: brian.oleson@umanitoba.ca


Senior Scholars

Ed Tyrchniewicz, Ph.D., P.Ag., Senior Scholar
Agricultural and transportation policy
Email: tyrchnie@ad.umanitoba.ca


Adjunct Professor

Dr. John Cranfield - Professor & Associate Dean (External Relations)
University of Guelph
Tel : (519) 824-4120 ext 53708
Email : jcranfie@uoguelph.ca

Support Staff

Erika Hart - Administrative Assistant
Tel: (204) 474-9436
Email: Erika.hart@umanitoba.ca

Surinder Kamboz
- Office Assistant
Tel: (204) 474-9384
Email: kamboz@ad.umanitoba.ca

Kathy Graham - Graduate Program Assistant
Tel: (204) 474-8077
Email: kathy_graham@umanitoba.ca

Nonato Nitafan - Computer Programmer/Coordinator
Tel: (204) 474-8587
Email: nitafan@ad.umanitoba.ca