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Non-Emergency Contact

  • Safewalk                          204-474-9312
  • Fort Garry Campus        204-474-9312
  • Fort Garry Fax                 204-474-7534
  • Bannatyne Campus      204-789-3330
  • Bannatyne Fax                204-789-3902
  • Winnipeg Police             204-986-6222

Staff Directory

Rick Jansen
423 University Crescent

Assistant Director:
Chris Bohonis
423 University Crescent

Systems Administrator:

Fort Garry Patrol Supervisor:
Office - 204-474-7475
Mobile - 204-290-2069

Bannatyne Patrol Supervisor:
Office - 204-789-3330


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In the event of an emergency on campus, Security Services plays a pivotal role in the delegation of duties and coordinating the various agencies that may need to be involved, both internal (eg. Environmental Health and Safety Office) and external (Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Services).  Our staff our trained to respond to a variety of emergencies on campus and the University's Emergency Response Plan dictates our role in the event of an emergency.