Trade Services

Services Provided by Trade Services and Central Energy Plant

The Trade Services provide quality workmanship in the construction, operation, maintenance and repair of facilities at 5 different sites: Fort Garry and Bannatyne Campuses, Glenlea Research Station, Delta Marsh Research Station and Star Lake Research Station. 

Trade Services provide maintenance to permanent building fixtures and fittings, construction and renovation work, and strategic planning for future trade-related initiatives. This ensures the safe, effective and efficient operation of University facilities.

The Central Energy Plant (former Powerhouse) provides heating and cooling to most of the buildings at the Fort Garry Campus. The Central Energy Plant is operated by power engineers that also monitor all building systems and respond immediately to trouble and emergency calls on twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

Trade Services and Central Energy Plant personnel include the following disciplines: carpentry, painting, plastering/tile setting, locksmith, control and refrigeration mechanics, control design technician, electrical, fire alarm technician, elevator, plumbing, insulating, welding, machinist and power engineers.

Services provided:
  • Provide regular and preventive maintenance for all architectural, mechanical and electrical systems at the University ensuring a safe environment
  • Provide manpower for renovations, new construction and participate actively in project commissioning
  • Provide effective operation of all building systems and infrastructures
  • Respond immediately and cost effectively to any malfunction of equipment and systems, taking remedial action to resolve any identified problem
  • Provide essential utility and essential services to all the facilities, this includes fire alarm systems, electrical power, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, domestic cold and hot water, reverse osmosis water system, natural gas service, emergency power, etc
  • Operate and maintain efficiently the powerhouse and refrigeration plant necessary to provide the essential heating and refrigeration to all the buildings
  • Monitor all building systems and respond immediately to trouble calls, mechanical failures and emergencies on twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. These services not only minimize disruption to staff, students and faculties, but also reduce associated costs and damages

Minor Projects & Renovation Services
(Carpenters, Cabinetmakers, Locksmiths and Painters)
Manager: Roger Lamontagne, ph: 204-474-7231
Assistant Manager: David Brooks, ph: 204-474-7530

Central Energy Plant Services
Manager, Chief Engineer: Greg Kowk, ph: 204-275-1513
Lead Charge Engineer: Dale Stiles, ph: 204-474-7586

Mechanical and Technical Services
(Refrigeration, Machine, HVAC and Controls)
Manager: Doug Cook, ph: 204-474-6883
Assistant Manager, Controls: Frank Snare, ph: 204-474-6466

Electrical Services
Manager: Bruce Hancock, ph: 204-474-6309
Assistant Manager: Lloyd Peacock, ph: 204-474-7232

Plumbing  Services
(Plumbers, Insulators and Welders)
Manager: Don Deally, ph: 204-781-5347
Assistant Manager: Al Borsboom, ph: 204-474-7235

Elevator Services
Manager: Greg Kowk, ph: 204-275-1513
To report an elevator out of service or entrapment, please call the Work Order Desk at 204-474-6281

Fire and Security Alarms
Installation, modification, and maintenance of fire and security alarms at the University are coordinated by our Safety Technician in collaboration with the Electrical Shop. New installations and modifications are governed by The City of Winnipeg Fire Code and Alarms by-law, and as a result, several approvals and inspections may be required before changes or new services may be initiated.
Life Safety Engineering Technician: Jingwei Xie, ph: 204-474-6314

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