Central Energy Plant

With numerous buildings, including the Central Energy Plant, being erected between 1911 and 1913 on the new site of the Manitoba Agricultural College, it was more efficient and cost-effective to have a centralized heating source. The campus architects, Samuel Hooper and V. W. Horwood, were responsible for the design of the Powerhouse along with all the other original buildings. Although the function of the building did not necessarily preclude a Georgian slipcover, its size in that style would have made it appear more important to the academic community than was warranted. Furthermore, the height of the smokestacks would have created stylistic problems.

The architects chose to visually integrate the building into the campus plan through the use of the same building materials, salmon-red brick and limestone, and a modest amount of detailing. The use of a basilica roof line is the result of the need for a high centre space running the length of the rectangular building.

In 1965, a desperately needed addition to the south was completed. Modern in style, it is linked to the original building by the use of similar building materials.

Steam Plant
The Central Energy Plant is equipped with 6 boilers rated at a total horsepower of 13,500 or 132,000 kw.  Four of the boilers produce superheated steam at 125 PSIG and 475F.  Two boilers produce saturated steam at 100 PSIG and 353F.  The steam is utilized for building heating, current maximum demand is approaching 130,000 lbs/hr

Heat Recovery 

The plant is equipped with a flue gas heat recovery system.  The system extracts heat from our boiler exhaust gas.  The energy is then transferred to our campus buildings for heating.  Energy savings of approximately $2,500.00 per day can be achieved.

Chilled Water
The Central Chilled Water Plant was completed in 2002.  It is equipped with 6 York Millennium Chillers, each rated at 1700 tons.  The equipment provides 42F water for circulation to our buildings for air conditioning.

Emergency Power

A 2000 KW generator was installed in 2003.  The equipment provides a backup power supply to the Central Energy Plant and several other buildings on campus in the event of a loss of electrical power.

Central Energy Plant Manager & Chief Power Engineer: Greg Kowk     Ph: 204-272-1513