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SmartPark Innovation Hub

The University of Manitoba's Smartpark Innovation Hub is a project of critical importance to the Province of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg. Smartpark Innovation Hub received 50% of federal funding under the Post-Secondary Strategic Investment Fund.

Smartpark Innovation Hub will become a central gathering place for the Smartpark community, for province-wide university researchers, and for the local technology industry. The facility will support commercialization and professional services, encouraging partnerships to form that will drive the creation of new technologies, ultimately growing the number of local start-up companies.

The Building Program is consistent with Smartpark’s Mission of “Building a Community of Innovators” and it will include business incubation office and lab spaces, meeting rooms and halls and food services, occupying an area of 75,000 GFA in four storeys.

Anticipated Completion:
Spring 2018


Cibinel Architecture, Winnipeg

Bird Construction, Winnipeg
72,000 sq. ft.
Project Cost:

Sustainability Target:    
LEED Silver