Work Request System - Welcome

Welcome to the PMC work request system.  This site allows you to request maintenance services from the Physical Plant and check on the status of your previous requests.

If you are reporting an emergengy, please call 474-6281 (Fort Garry) or 789-3636 (Bannatyne).
This site is to be used for NON-EMERGENCY requests only.

To initiate a project, simply send us a completed Requisition for New Work form (Req.7).
To check the status of a project, call us at 474-6473.

What would you like to do?

Allows you to electronically submit a request for maintenance services, repair, etc.  Help
Allows you to receive a status update on a specific work request ID.  If you don't know the ID use the next option.  Help
Allows you to receive status updates on work requests which match your search criteria.  Help
Additional Helpful Instructions for Submitting a Request
Need more help?

For more information please contact the Physical Plant directly.

Fort Garry: 474-6281,
Bannatyne: 789-3636,

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