Strategic Plan Update - Driving Discovery and Insight

DRIVING DISCOVERY AND INSIGHT through excellence in research, scholarly work and other creative activities

We will strengthen existing and emerging areas of research, addressing the most pressing issues facing our world, while providing a transformative research experience for students.


Progress Highlights

Increased funding: Research income has increased from $162.5 million to $186.8 million due to outstanding achievements of our researchers, enhanced support for grants and contracts, streamlined processes and increased start-up funding for new faculty members.

Sponsored Research Income 3-year Comparison ($ millions)

Sponsored Research Income

Year Dollars
2014-15 $162.50
2015-16 $190.60
2016-17 $186.80

Source: Office of the Vice-President (Research and International)

Additional undergraduate support: Undergraduate Research Awards (URAs) have increased, from 82 awards worth $492,000 in 2015 to 102 awards worth $663,000 in 2017, allowing more students to work on research projects with University professors. In 2016, 10 of the 102 URAs were dedicated to Indigenous students.

Undergraduate Research Awards

Undergraduate Research Awards

Year Dollars Number of Awards
2015 492,000 82
2016 612,000 102
2017 663,000 102

Source: Office of the Vice-President (Research and International)

New professorships and chairs: Eight positions have been created to develop and lead research in the areas of business ethics, neuroscience, traumatology, finance, agricultural risk management and insurance, leadership education, leadership research and multiple sclerosis.

Indigenous perspectives in research: The University now hosts the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) — the permanent home for all statements, documents and other materials gathered by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Its affiliation with the University will enhance the ability of researchers to explore the impacts of Residential School experience and of educators to share the Indian Residential School history with future generations of students.

Internal grants programs: Four programs were created to provide funds that foster collaborative research, scholarly work and other creative activities within and outside the University. The Small Research Equipment Funding Program will allow researchers to purchase and repair equipment or fabricate equipment not readily available.


Moving Forward

Research experience: Continue expanding the number of Undergraduate Research Awards available to students, creating more opportunities for their involvement with and exploration of research.

Expertise and reputation: Secure additional research chairs and professorships that will build the University’s reputation for research excellence and attract talented graduate students to work alongside these exceptional researchers.

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation: Support the mandate of NCTR and ensure core staff are hired and retained.

Digital efficiency: Expand the use of electronic submissions for grants and contracts, thereby decreasing processing time.