Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning

We believe that education has a transformative power for students, their families and communities. We strive to be an active contributor to finding solutions to the challenges faced by our province and its citizens. We do not believe we should work in isolation, but that we should explore opportunities for cooperation and collaboration both within the university and beyond it – with our partners in the community, in government and in other post-secondary institutions.

Along with educating tomorrow’s leaders, including the majority of the province’s professional workforce, the university serves as a catalyst for the provincial economy – creating jobs, driving cutting edge research and technology, and attracting visitors to our province every year.

As a university we have much to celebrate. From our work unraveling the mysteries of HIV/AIDS and other devastating diseases to our leadership in understanding the effects of Arctic climate change, the University of Manitoba is making a profound difference on a global stage.

Now, with input from the entire University of Manitoba community, the Board of Governors and Senate have approved a new strategic planning framework – a vision for our future that will allow us to continue meeting the needs of our ever-changing world. This framework lays the foundation for our future. A future bright with innovation, discovery, learning and achievement.


For over 130 years, we have been recognized as Manitoba’s premier university – shaping our leaders, enhancing our community and conducting research that is changing the world. We enjoy close connections to the people and communities of Manitoba. We are committed to preserving, nurturing and growing these bonds into the future.

Building on a tradition of excellence, innovation and global influence. Forging a vision of discovery and growth.

Achieving greatness.