Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Program

Funding and Selection

Proposals are considered by an advisory committee, which takes into consideration the following:

  • The main criterion will be the distinction of the candidate, which will be assessed on the breadth and depth of the candidate’s contributions and esteem within their respective field. 
  • A typical visit is expected to last 3-5 days, though alternate proposals will be considered.
  • In general, priority will be given to proposals for distinguished visitors who will give at least one lecture that is of wide interest to the University and free and open to the public. It is expected that while the visitors are at the University they will make themselves available for consultation with and will conduct seminars or workshops for faculty, staff and students. 
  • Best efforts will be made to respond to proposals that when taken together, identify candidates in the wide variety of disciplines reflected throughout the University.  Accordingly, proposals submitted in consecutive years from the same unit and/or for the same purpose or topic normally shall not be considered.
  • While it may have to reconsider the matter in light of the proposals it receives, the Committee anticipates that the amount of each award would support an honorarium of up to $500.00 per diem, depending on the length of stay, in addition to travel and living expenses involved in the visit.  It expects that five to eight awards each year will be recommended.


If a nomination is approved, notification of approval will include information on the amount of the grant to be provided.  In virtually all cases, cost-sharing will be a required element of proposals, though in exceptional circumstances this requirement may be waived.  Distinguished Visiting Lectureship Funding normally shall not exceed 50% of the cost of a proposed visit. 

Upon approval, the nominator will be asked to identify a FOAP and the approved amount will be transferred.  The department hosting the visitor is expected to directly pay all expenses relating to the visit.  Within 30 days of the conclusion of a visit, a copy of the final expenditures should be sent to the Office of the President, 200 Administration Building.