University of Manitoba Brand

Over the past four years, the U of M has an established a unique and authentic brand position that embraces typical stereotypes of Manitoba as unequivocal strengths. Building off the premise that “Where you are shapes who you are,” the brand story concedes that Manitoba is a place with a challenging climate. Its environment challenges those who live here in ways you’d expect, but also in ways you wouldn’t. It challenges them to grow, create and to innovate. It tells the story of how the University of Manitoba inspires its students, its faculty and its community to embrace the unexpected, to defy convention, to carve new paths – to become the trailblazers, visionaries, innovators and challengers striving for a better world.

The 2011 national marketing campaign juxtaposed images of young children with powerful, self-defining statements, such as “I am a trailblazer.” Children were used in the execution to differentiate the U of M’s presence from that of national competitors, and to symbolize the potential that exists by pursuing an education at the U of M.
In 2012, the campaign evolved to position the U of M as a national calibre post-secondary institution by highlighting the qualities and achievements of our faculty and researchers, many of whom are renowned in their fields of study around the world.

The student marketing campaign introduced the U of M’s brand position to the Winnipeg market by showcasing current students transforming intro trailblazers, innovators and visionaries. Media was carefully selected to allow the advertising to visually demonstrate the transformational experience a student goes through from high school to university. The creative directed students to a landing page where they could connect with the U of M to get more information.

The 2014-2015 alumni campaign showcases the outstanding contributions that U of M alumni are making at home and around the world, and positions the U of M as the birthplace of many successful entrepreneurs, leaders, educators and artists. The U of M selected six alumni to participate in the campaign, representing a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, and developed a creative and media platform that would allow for the telling of their stories.