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During 2018-19 the University of Manitoba is undertaking an initiative to explore and evolve how we tell our story.

Since 2011, the "I am a trailblazer" initiative has been the foundation of the University of Manitoba narrative, enabling us to share the stories and achievement of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors to great success, and enhancing the university’s reputation around the world.

It is now time to reinvest in our brand to sustain and support us through efforts to deliver on the university’s strategic priorities to:

  • create an outstanding experience for students
  • deliver excellence in teaching
  • drive research discovery and insight
  • create pathways to Indigenous engagement
  • build community through an outstanding learning and work environment
  • forge connections that create high impact community engagement

With the help of our community, we will shape our story into something that can be embraced, experienced and celebrated by all, while advancing the learning, discovery and engagement priorities of our university in a meaningful way.

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