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Sun Life Financial– Group Retirement Options

A new University of Manitoba Sponsored Group Retirement Income Plan is now available.  The University has entered into an agreement with Sun Life Financial to provide retirees with an opportunity to participate in a Group Retirement Income Plan which offers; Life Income Funds (LIF’s), Retirement Income Funds (RRIF’s) and Prescribed Retirement Income Funds (PRIF). 

The University of Manitoba Pension Plan allows for transfers to these products; these types of products have been popular options.  The addition of Sun Life Financial does not in anyway diminish your options.  You may elect to receive a monthly pension from the Pension Plan or transfer your funds to another institution.

Investment Options
The investment options include pre-built funds, called the Granite Segregated Funds, which offer a diversified, multi-manager approach to investing that corresponds to five different risk tolerance categories.  The asset allocation portfolios have predetermined asset mixes that range from conservative to aggressive.  A brief overview of the funds and the fund management fees (FMF’s) are listed in the document University of Manitoba-Income Plan.

The Group Retirement Income Plan also allows you to build your own portfolio, using a mix of investment funds that matches your comfort level with investment risk.

Fee Advantage
The fee advantage is one of the greatest benefits.  You will pay fees that are significantly lower than those you would pay on your own as an individual investor at a mutual fund company or other financial institution.  This difference in fee can have a large impact on the growth of your retirement income. 

How to Learn More?
To learn more, please see the features on the demonstration website: This website has a number of tools to assist you in planning your retirement.  

To gain access to the information on the website please use:

  • ID:    25644
    PIN:  259235 
  • Select the University of Manitoba program 

You may also call Sun Life Financial Customer Solutions Centre.  A licensed Retirement Specialists is available to answer your questions.


Phone: 1-855-864-5989 or 416-408-7784 (between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET any business day.)


If you are retiring soon, and are interested in transferring your funds to a retirement income product, please review the Sun Life Financial option.