Recognition Terminology


FORMAL refers to centrally managed university-wide or faculty-determined programs based on length of service or on accomplishments such as attendance, service, teamwork, innovation, leadership, ambassadorship, educational achievement, significant contribution to priorities, etc. The formal are important; best practices research suggest that the informal and everyday are even more significant to most people for day-to-day satisfaction.

INFORMAL refers to the unit-based, team, or group events like lunches, retreats, letters of appreciation from managers, small gifts, etc. to recognize input and accomplishment.

EVERYDAY refers to workplace culture and behaviours that include sincere thanks, participation in decision-making, flexible and self-directed work arrangements, learning and career development opportunities, action dealing with inappropriate behaviour, personal notes and phone calls, snacks, contests with rewards, etc. Managers/supervisors are central in developing a respect and recognition culture in their units and all staff can show respect and appreciation for others.