Awards of Excellence For Support Staff Frequently Asked Questions
  • Nominations may come from anyone in the U of M community.
  • Selections are made by the Excellence Awards Selection (EAS) Committee.
  • The awards will be presented at a reception at the President's residence.
  • The President’s Award includes a financial reward.
  • The deadline for nominations is March 19th, 2013.
  • To be elgible to be nominated the candidate must have at least 2 years of service except for the president's award which requires 10 years of service (Part-time service is pro-rated, except for the President’s Award.)
  • For more details contact Mark O'Riley, 474-9491.

Submit nomination forms to:

Awards of Excellence Selection Committee,c/o Learning and Development Services
222 Isbister Bldg, Fort Garry Campus.

Excellence Awards Selection Committee

EAS Committee composition is widely representative, appointed by the Vice-President (Administration). It will include staff from both campuses and from among the following groups: President or designate, support staff, academic staff, Learning & Development Services, Recognition Committee.
Terms on the committee are for a maximum of four years, with staggered anniversary dates of the committee members, for some continuity in the membership from year to year.
Support for the committee will be provided by Learning and Development Services.
The committee and its members can be proactive and encourage nominations, but a committee member cannot sponsor or provide letters of recommendation for nominees, nor can a committee member be considered for the Award.
The committee may decide to carry a nomination forward for one year and/or to recommend a nominee for an alternate award.
The committee will make its decision based on the criteria established for each award.
The selection committee’s decision and reasoning will be submitted to the President in writing as a recommendation.