Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
The University of Manitoba’s Diversity & Inclusion Program promotes diversity and fosters a culture of inclusion where all people feel valued, respected, and included across all of our differences and a place where talented people choose to work. The Mission of Diversity & Inclusion is to assist in creating the initiatives that support the goals of the President’s Advisory Committee on Respect and three of the five institutional priorities, Creating Pathways to Indigenous Achievement, Building Community that creates an outstanding learning and working environment and Forging Connections to foster high impact community engagement in the Strategic Plan.
The goal of Diversity and Inclusion is to ensure that all job applicants, faculty and staff have fair and equitable access to employment opportunities in hiring, training and advancement. No person should be denied employment opportunities for reasons unrelated to ability and employment decisions at the University are based on job performance, skills, knowledge and abilities relevant to specific positions.
The Employment Equity Act has identified four designated groups; Members of Racialized Communities, Indigenous Peoples, Persons with Disabilities and Women, as traditionally underrepresented in the workforce. Members of the four designated groups when compared to other segments of the labour force have experienced higher rates of unemployment or underemployment, lower workforce participation rates, earn less income and are segregated in lower or low status occupations. The University of Manitoba complies voluntarily to Employment Equity.
We recognize that there are groups outside of the four designated groups which have historically been discriminated against in society in ways that limit their full and active participation in the workforce.
The inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity questions in our survey signifies the University's recognition of the historical discrimination against these groups and its commitment to a discrimination-free workplace. There currently is no national comparative data available but the data at the University of Manitoba will create a baseline and data from other institutions and similar resources may also be used as a basis of comparison for statistical purposes.
Diversity & Inclusion is an organizational strategy designed to build on the advantages that diverse and inclusive cultures bring. We all benefit from the social and economic advantages of an inclusive culture by drawing on the skills of all people.

Please contact:
Valerie Williams, CPHR, GBA
Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
Learning & Organizational Development
Phone: 204-474-8371
Email: valerie.williams@umanitoba.ca