Susan Magnusson

Susan Magnusson is a visual artist and writer pleased to be back at the University of Manitoba, now a senior in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) program. She is also greatly relieved to have finally discovered where the alien overlords dropped off the rest of her extended family.

Protopoem to Prop 3
(an ekphrastic response to Prop 3 by Holger Kahlberg)

Picasso sways.
Swept in his arms
Barb Hepworth can’t resist.
Warm salty bite
of west coast air
cements his lips to hers.
The seawall path:
plaqued benches line the way.
“For P. Love always, B.”
But now all rust,
those fervent folk,
lips once locked like Klimt,
while Pablo and his woman dance,
sheet music taut with wind.

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Prop 3 by Holger Kahlberg
Holger Kalberg, German, b. 1967, Prop 3, 2012, oil on canvas, 139.7 x 177.8, collection of Jeremy Caddy

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