Charlotte Werner: Recent Drawings

October 5 - October 27, 1982

"One's initial impression of Charlotte Werner's work [is that the] controlled lines [are] used to create a wide variety of disparate images drawn with this attention to detail that" she derives [vocabulary] from the imaging systems used [which captures images] from the microscopic to the macroscopic in scale." The vocabulary that is then collected is: single celled animals photographed through the microscope; cross sections of minerals; the structure of crystals; electronic circuits; computer print-outs of binary number sequences; fossils; and patterns of neutral synapses. She compresses these images into intricate patterns that also include areal views of land formations and architectural fragments. Many of these images are drawn from photographs which [she] has either taken herself of found in books, but some, particularly the trees, are drawn directly from life." Essay by K.J. Butler and Martin Reed.

Charlotte Werner: Recent Drawings Catalogue [PDF]