Art In Winnipeg 1955 to 1959

October 31 - November 26, 1982

Guest curator: Ann Cameron

"The range of art activity in Winnipeg in the 1950s has been little known or understood outside the small circle of individuals who lived and worked here at the time. There seems however, a vague notion prevalent that something happened during those years, something which contributed greatly toward the two active and fertile decades to follow. This exhibition began with the assumption that this was a transitional era, during which the influence of important artists and art movements of the previous decades were supplanted by the excitement and turmoil that comes with building things to come.

"As research on the exhibition progressed, it became apparent that, although relationships were much more subtle than had been imagined, the turmoil, optimism, excitement and anticipation were very much present, centrered to a large extent around the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the School of Art. The seeds which were sown during those years would take some nurturing, but from them would grow the healthy art community of today. This exhibition provides a glimpse of some of the roots."  - Excerpt from the foreword to the exhibition catalogue by Dale Amundson,  Director, Gallery 111

Art In Winnipeg 1955 to 1959 Catalogue [PDF]