Beyond Electronics

February 9 - March 11, 1989

"Beyond Electronics is an exhibition of work by Canadian artists who work with electronics and go beyond the traditional use or interpetation of the media involved. Included are artists who are working with robotics, two and three-dimensional computer graphics, sound, holography, electronic communications and computer controlled video. In spite of the diversity in their use of electronic media, what is important to all of these artists is not the medium Percé, but rather the unique capability of that medium to explore new aesthetic realms." Dale Amundson

Curated by Dale Amundson and co-sponsored by Gallery One One One and Main/Access Gallery.

Exhibition dates:

Main/Access Gallery: February 10 - March 11, 1989 (Section 1)
Artists in Section 1: Diana Burgoyne, Gerhard Gehrmann, Christine Hawkes, Juan Gomez-Perales, David Rokeby

Gallery One One One: February 9-April 15, 1989 (Sections 2 & 3)
Artists in Section 2: Alan Bouch, Laura Kikuaka, Norman White, Nell Tenhaaf
Artists in Section 3: Marshalore, Tom Sherman 

Beyond Electronics Catalogue [PDF]