Centennial Exhibition


January - February 2, 1968

Curators: Kenneth Lochhead and Terry Fenton

A centennial exhibition features 9 painters: Donald Reichert and Esther Warkov-Visscher of Winnipeg; Iain Baxter, Brian Fisher, and Michael Morris of Vancouver; Arthur McKay, Douglas Morton and Kenneth Peters of Regina; and Harry Kiyooka of Calgary.

The Western Canada Art Circuit (WCAC) arranged the exhibition (with assistance from the Centennial Commission in Ottawa) and now the show is touring the circuit. The works were selected Prof. Kenneth Lochhead of the University of Manitoba and Terry Fenton of the Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery on the University of Saskatchewan’s Regina campus. [Winnipeg Free Press,  January 27, 1968, p. 73]

WCAC, established in 1946 and re-organized in 1958, functioned to enable art galleries in western Canada to collaborate and share costs of touring exhibitions from eastern Canada and the United States to its member organizations. In 1969 it became the Western Canada Art Association and its focus turned to art educational services.