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Artists: Cliff Eyland/Guy Maddin
Title: Untitled
Date: 2010
Notes: This image is a detail of a 12"x18" page from one of a number of wordless books by Cliff Eyland and Guy Maddin.

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Tabloid-sized posters from an ongoing series begun in 2009 by Eyland and philosopher Carl Matheson. One of these posters, entitled THANK YOU FOR NOT INVOLVING ME IN YOUR RELATIONAL ART PROJECT, has been included in FAX, a 2010 Plug In I.C.A. travelling exhibition. (Note: people are encouraged to freely download, print, post, exhibit and distribute these posters.) (1.9 MB PDF)

Images from Eyland's 2009 Leo Kamen Gallery exhibition Bookshelf File Cards Eyland's 2008 "Abdroid" works at

Images from Eyland's 2007 solo exhibition Party Pictures (Retouched Reproductions) at Leo Kamen Gallery in Toronto.

Images from Eyland's 2006 solo exhibition Cameras, Cellphones and Hard Drives at the University of Winnipeg's Gallery 1C03.

Images from Eyland's (ongoing -- he is still adding to it) 2005 Winnipeg Millennium Library project.

Images from Eyland's 2004/05 Note Paintings shown at Winnipeg's aceartinc. and Toronto's Leo Kamen Gallery.

A PDF book of Eyland's drawings made in Rome and Edinburgh in 2004 (11 MB PDF)

Images and a 2003 essay by Eyland about physics and art called Painting the Multiverse.

Eyland co-founded a performance art group in 2003 called The Abzurbs

Eyland's short-listed submission to the 2003 RBC/Canadian Art Foundation national painting competition (2.3 MB PDF)

One of thousands of drawings (some are mixed media and coloured, some not) that the artist placed in books during yearly visits (except for 2004) to the New School University's Raymond Fogelman Library (65 Fifth Avenue in New York city) between 1997 and 2005. File Card Works Hidden in Books was organized by New School curator Kathleen Goncharov and Librarian Gail Persky.

Eyland's 1981 N.S.C.A.D. File Card Intervention project blank line