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Artist: Cliff Eyland
Title: Untitled (aa01)
Date: 2004
Medium: acrylic on gessoed MDF board.
5"x3" (12.7x7.6 cm)
Notes: This is a picture of a typical tree, an evergreen. When Eyland was a child he would try to count every tree that he saw during car trips. Once he had the ambition to make as many paintings of trees as the number of trees that have been cut down.

[This painting and the following 99 paintings -- ending with LK2005_30 -- make up a body of work called the "Note Paintings." The first 70 note paintings were first shown in 2004 at aceartinc. in Winnipeg in the group exhibition Bound. These works plus 30 more were shown at the Leo Kamen Gallery in Toronto in February 2005 in the Cliff Eyland solo exhibition Note Paintings.] blank line