Julia C. Witt

PhD (University of Guelph)
Associate Professor

Email:   Julia.Witt@umanitoba.ca
Phone: (204) 474-9764
Fax:      (204) 474-7681
Mailing Address:
  Department of Economics
  University of Manitoba
  554 Fletcher Argue Building
  15 Chancellors Circle
  Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3T 5V5

Fields of Specialization

  • Health Economics
  • Applied Microeconomics

Selected Publications

  • Scott A, Witt J, Humphreys J, Joyce C, Kalb G, Jeon SH, McGrail M. “Getting doctors into the bush: General Practitioners’ preferences for rural location” (2013) Social Science & Medicine 96, 33 – 44.
  • Sivey P, Scott A, Witt J, Joyce C, Humphreys J, Kalb G. “What influences the choice of specialty of young doctors?  A discrete choice experiment from the MABEL longitudinal study of doctors” (2012) Journal of Health Economics 31(6): 813 – 823.
  • Jensen P, Webster E, and Witt J. “Hospital type and patient outcomes: An empirical examination using AMI re-admission and mortality records” (2009) Health Economics 18(12): 1440 – 1460.
  • Witt J, Scott A, and Osborne R. “Designing Choice Experiments with Many Attributes. An Application to Setting Priorities for Orthopaedic Waiting Lists” (2009) Health Economics 18(6): 681 – 696.
  • Witt J. “The Effect of Information in the Utilization of Preventive Health Care Strategies: An Application to Breast Cancer.” (2008) Health Economics, 17(6): 721 – 731.
  • Hoy M and Witt J. “Welfare Effects of Banning Genetic Information in Insurance Markets: The Case of the BRCA1/2 Genes” (2007) Journal of Risk and Insurance, 74(3): 523 – 546.