CallPilot Desktop Messaging

CallPilot Desktop Messaging provides access to voice mail messages from your email inbox. You do not lose the ability to access messages through your desk phone. When a new message arrives, you are notified by the red light on your desk set and by the indication of a new voicemail in your email inbox.

There is a $2.00 monthly charge for desktop messaging. (Regular voicemail is $4.00/month. Adding desktop messaging increase the monthly charge to $6.00.)

There are two ways to activate desktop messaging:

  • The simplest way is to have IST configure your Call Pilot mailbox for you. You will start receiving all new voicemail messages in your email inbox and they will play through your default  .wav player.  Unless you indicate otherwise we will assume your email address is   Please note that you will have to delete your messages twice: from both your email client and on from your desk set.

To place an order with IST for desktop messaging please visit the IST Service Catalogue




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