Mobile Device - Upgrading Your Device
  • NOTE: The IST Telephone Office will not upgrade your mobile device unless it is on the University of Manitoba corporate account being paid on a FOAP
  • You will need department approval to upgrade your device.

If you would like to upgrade your mobile device, follow these instructions:

1. Contact the IST Service Desk at 204-474-8600 or email and request the Mobile Device purchase information.

2. You will be provided with a mobile purchase form and current pricing. Complete and return to who will process the request for you.

3. The Telephone Office will determine if you are eligible within your existing Bell Mobility contract to upgrade your device at this time and any penalties that may apply.

4. Most often the device will be delivered to the department but in some cases it will be delivered to the IST Telecommunications Office at 138 Machray Hall and you will be notified to pick up the device at that location.

5. In order to start the service on your new device, the SIM card will need to be transferred from the old hardware to the new device. You can perform this transfer yourself or contact the Service Desk at 204-474-8600 who can walk you through the transfer.

6. To set up email and calendar on your device, contact your IT support person or phone the Help & Solutions Centre at (204) 474 8600. The voice and phone function will be activated upon receipt of the device.

7. The Bell Mobility dealer will email the invoice for new hardware and any accessories directly to the IST Telecommunications Office who will forward to the department. The department is responsible for payment of hardware and accessories ordered.

8. Once the payment is processed, Bell Mobility will email a copy of the paid Visa slip directly to the Visa cardholder.

9. Monthly invoices are sent directly to, and paid by the Telephone Office. The office will charge the amount back to the appropriate department on the department's FOAP.

10.  A file copy of the Bell monthly invoice is sent by email to a department contact (designated on the request form).This is for backup purposes only.

11.  In order to ensure that no University of Manitoba information is compromised, once your new device is set up and working, you will need to reset your old device and return it to IST.



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