Installing Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

There are a number of ways to get the SUN Java Runtime Environment (JRE) plug-in installed on your computer.

Important facts about the SUN JRE plug-in:


  • To install the plug-in, you must be a Power User or an Administrator on your computer. If you do not have sufficient rights to your computer, contact your Computer Coordinator
  • You must have your Firewall set to allow the install
  • JRE only needs to be installed
  • This plug-in will not replace any SUN JRE plug-in you have on the machine but will be loaded alongside it

    Types of installs:

    1. Web Pop-up Install: If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox, your browser will recognize that a Sun Java JRE Plug-in is needed and will prompt you to do a Web Pop-up Install.   NOTE: Install instructions vary slightly for each browser.

    Web Pop-up Install

    Open an Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser and go to: You can also click one of the following links to take you to the Aurora Finance Launch Page  or the Aurora Student Launch Page.

    Step 1a - Firefox users will be presented with a "Click here to download plug-in" option on one screen, followed by the Sun Java Plug-in installation screen.

    • Click the Click here to download plug-in icon


    • Click the Next > button


    Step 1b - Internet Explorer users will see one screen indicating that the JRE is required and must click the Install button.

    • Click Install button

    Step 2 - Follow the on-screen instructions and the JRE plug-in will be installed.

    • Click Accept > button


    • Click Finish button

    Step3 - If you are using Firefox, you will be instructed to re-launch the browser, before a login can take place. If you are using Internet Explorer you will be prompted to log in.


    • Login as usual


    Web Pop-up JRE installation is complete




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