IP Management
Computers on the university network can be registered in IP Management and receive an automatic IP address through DHCP. IP Management is IST's recommended method of IP admistration on the university network. Each department or faculty is issued a block of addresses which the Lan Coordinator can administrate using the IP Management System.

Getting access

In order to get access you will need a Sybase account. You can be issued a Sybase account by emailing sybase@cc.umanitoba.ca and including your UMnetID. Once you have received your Sybase account you will need to be assigned to your section in IP Management. Contact ipmanagement@umanitoba.ca and include the department and faculty you require access for.

Using IP Management

IP Management can be ran using Windows, Mac OS or the University Unix system.

On Windows it can be launched through Zenworks.
Start ---> CNS Programs ---> Software ---> Business Systems ---> IP
Management System

On Mac OS it can be ran through a terminal window on the U of M Unix
        Solaris SPARC: ipmgmt &
        Solaris x86: xonsparc ipmgmt

Simple Procedure for assigning an IP address:

Note:  -You will need to know the Mac address of the computer.

1) Log into IP management.
        -If you have troubles logging in you will
        need to contact sybase_account@umanitoba.ca
2) Select your Admin Group
3) Open up a free ip address by double clicking on it
        -If you can view your  group but can not make modifications
        you will need to contact ipmanagement@umanitoba.ca
4) Enter the MAC address
5) If required select the DHCP Group
6) Assign it to an employee if applicable
7) Fill out the location and notes
8) Enable "Activate for DHCP"
9) Click Save & Exit


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