Pow Wow Volunteer Registration Form
Volunteer Registration Form

28th Annual Traditional Graduation Pow Wow
Saturday, May 6, 2017 – Investors Group Athletic Centre

Deadline to register is April 7, 2017 at 4:00 PM CST.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the University of Manitoba's Annual Traditional Graduation Pow Wow (hereafter Pow Wow). This important event honours the achievements of Indigenous students at the University of Manitoba and would not be possible without volunteers like you!

To become a volunteer at the Pow Wow you must:

  1. register by filling out the form below
  2. select all the role(s) and shift(s) you prefer (select all shifts you are willing to work) and,
  3. select (below) and attend one Pow Wow Volunteer Training Event.

Contact Information

(Remember: (1) attending a Pow Wow Volunteer Training Session counts as 1 hour towards your total volunteer hours, so please add it to your total volunteer hours; (2) to receive a CCR recognition for volunteering at the Pow Wow you must volunteer for a minimum of 10 hours.)

* Every effort will be made to assign you to your preferred times, but there may be variations in your schedule.

Volunteer Roles

Please indicate which volunteer role(s) interest(s) you the most:

At this table, you will be welcoming and registering dancers and drum groups who will participate in the First and Second Grand Entries. You will take down names, ages, and dance category. Available shifts:
In this role, you will be present near the registration tables in ‘standby’ mode so that you are available when you are needed for very important and time sensitive tasks. Duties may include assisting Elders, helping with setup and takedown for the “Honouring the Graduates” ceremony, and helping with picking up litter and emptying garbage cans. Available shifts:
: In this role, you will be Carl Stone’s assistant for the Pow Wow. You must stay near Carl for the entirety of your shift. Carl is the Master of Ceremonies for the Pow Wow. Available shifts:
Please note: This role is reserved for people with extensive experience working with Elders. You will be responsible for caring for our invited Elder’s for the duration of your shift. You will need to anticipate their needs and ensure that they feel comfortable. Available shifts:
Please note: This role is reserved for people with extensive Pow Wow experience. Assist UM staff with Grand Entries. Available shifts:
Spoon out food at the food tables. Available Shifts:
Pour punch and water into glasses for people to pick up; make sure that children don’t play with punch dispensers. Available Shifts:
During and after the Feast, you will put away garbage and wash down tables. Available Shifts:
You will pick up Feast boxes in kitchen at University Centre and transport them back to Investors Group Athletic Centre for members of the Bear Paw Security Team and anyone else unable to make it to the Feast. Available Shifts:

Volunteer Training Events

Please feel free to contact a Pow Wow Volunteer Coordinator if you require any additional information about this year's Pow Wow:

Justin Rasmussen, Indigenous Student Centre

Carla Loewen, Indigenous Student Centre

Maya Simpson, College of Nursing

Abby Edgar, Access & AFP Programs

Privacy Statement
Your personal information is being collected under the authority of The University of Manitoba Act. The information you provide will be used by the University for the purposes of the Annual Traditional Graduation Pow Wow, and may also be used for statistical analysis, program evaluation, training and research purposes.