ISC Tutors

Academic Learning Centre (ALC) tutors provide free tutoring in academic writing, study skills and course content at Migizii Agamik. Miriam Unruh, an ALC Instructor, is located in Migiaii Agamik, and she provides free tutoring in academic writing and study skills.

Help with writing includes:

  • Choosing and narrowing a topic for papers
  • Developing a thesis statement
  • Organizing ideas
  • Citing and referencing sources
  • Revising and editing

Help with study skills includes:

  • Managing time effectively
  • Reading academic texts efficiently
  • Taking notes in lectures
  • Learning and memorizing
  • Studying for tests and exams

Help with content (select courses) includes:

  • Practicing effective problem solving strategies
  • Understanding concepts and processes
  • Gaining confidence by learning how to learn
  • Using resources effectively

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Miriam Unruh is an Academic Learning Centre (ALC) instructor with an honours degree in English Literature, and a Masters in Post-Secondary Education. She teaches ARTS 1110 (Introduction to University), gives workshops on writing, time management and learning skills and sees students one-on-one on almost all aspects of writing, studying and learning. She will work with students at any stage in their education from first year to graduate school, and despite her English degree, has worked with students on many different types of courses including a variety in the sciences and math. Her office is located in Room 108 - beside the computer lab.

Phone: (204) 474-8850