Research Integrity

A framework for the responsible conduct of research has been established by NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR.  This framework applies to all research that is conducted at the University of Manitoba, in order to remain eligible for Tri-Council funding.

The framework includes:

  • All funding applications are based on accurate and reliable information
  • All public funds are used in a responsible manner in accordance with funding agreements
  • Promotion and protection of the quality, accuracy and reliability of all research conducted at the University
  • Promotion of fairness in the conduct of research and in the processes for addressing allegations of policy breaches

The Responsible Conduct of Research Policy was updated May 21, 2013 to reflect the Tri-Council framework.  The policy requires that all Faculty and trainees be knowledgeable in the responsible conduct of research.  The Policy codifies the terms and definitions associated with responsible conduct of research and allows for investigating alleged breaches.

The University has purchased two tools to educate and increase awareness regarding Responsible Conduct of Research.

Please click on the links below to explore these tools further or to review the policy:

U of M Research Integrity Online Course - D2L Course   
Workshop Series on Best Practices in Research Management
iThenticate – Plagiarism Detection Software
Responsible Conduct of Research Policy
Academic Integrity at the University of Manitoba  (pdf)