Little Saskatchewan First Nation (Kaakiiskakamigaag)


Little Saskatchewan First Nation (Kaakiiskakamigaag) has a population of 285 (1,092 as per website) people and is located in Central Manitoba between Lake Manitoba and Winnipeg. This ecologically rich community is home to some of the most diverse species in Manitoba. The native language of the community is Saulteaux, an Ojibway dialect, and has Hector Shorting as its Chief.

The community is proactive in various ways, such as securing the safety and security of its female population through Southern Chiefs’ Organization mandate, conserving the watershed reservoirs with the help of Integrated Watershed Management Plan, and enhancing educational opportunities for its children. The community recently introduced a Geographic Information System (GIS) to its students with the help of The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre Inc. (MFNERC). 

Goals Achieved Completion