Are you attending convocation?

Reservation deadlines:

  • School of Agriculture

  • Rady Faculty of Health Sciences (Medicine, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, and Pharmacy)

  • University of Manitoba (Most graduates)

The following academic attire rental fees apply:

You will return your gown and hood to the Gaspard desk where you picked it up. If you do not return your gown and hood, you will be liable to pay the full value (plus taxes) as listed below.

  Price Includes
Diplomas and certificates $26.00 + tax Bachelor's gown, stole, cap & tassel
Bachelor's $26.00 + tax Bachelor's gown, hood, cap & tassel
MD, DMD, Master's $26.00 + tax Master's Gown, hood, cap and tassel
Doctor of Philosophy $30.00 + tax  Doctoral Gown, hood and beefeater

The following prices are for the purchase of your academic attire:  

If you wish to buy your own academic regalia, please contact Gaspard.  

Phone:  204-949-5700 or 888-949-5700

  Gown Hood/Sash
Diplomas and certificates  $109.00 $13.50
Bachelor's $109.00 $83.00
MD, DMD, Master's $149.00 $94.00
Doctor of Philosophy $525.00 $165.00


Attending convocation after missing the date for online registration

You may still participate in convocation. Gaspard does bring a limited number of extra gowns, hoods, and mortarboards. If you find yourself in this position, arrive early at the James Daly Field House (Max Bell Centre) to rent a hood and gown, which is available on a first-come-first-served basis.

A $50.00 rental fee will be charged at the time that you pick up your academic regalia 

You will pick up your attire from the Gaspard table in the Field House (Max Bell). IGAC can be quite warm, we suggest you wear light‐weight clothing and comfortable shoes for the ceremony. If you discover that you need a full-fit gown or extra large cap, go to the Gaspard table for assistance.

You will not receive your parchment at the ceremony, but will receive a congratulatory paper; your actual parchment will be mailed to you approximately 2 weeks after convocation.

UM academic dress