Retirees' News: March 2005

The University of Manitoba Retirees' News
Volume Nine, Issue One
March 2005

April 23rd Spring Reception

After the cold and snow in Manitoba this winter, we can look forward to the semi-annual President's Reception for Retirees and the opportunity to get together and catch up with the news of our friends and accomplishments at the University.

The President’s Reception will be held in the Marshall McLuhan Hall (formerly the Beausejour Room), Room 204, University Centre on the Fort Garry Campus, on Saturday, April 23, 2005, starting at 2:00 p.m.

For many years, winter roads over frozen lakes, rivers and bogs have provided essential access to isolated communities in northern Manitoba. Most recently, evidence of global warming will force finding new solutions to the perennial problems of transporting goods to these communities. Our speaker, Dr. Barry Prentice, Director of the Transport Institute, will speak on the possibilities of replacing Manitoba’s winter road system with dirigibles. This will be an interesting and challenging presentation. Following Barry's presentation, Mrs. Elaine Goldie, Vice-President (External), will bring us up to date on happenings at the University since we last met in October. Irv Gusdal will speak to the success of the 2004 United Way Campaign. The afternoon will close off with refreshments being served and we will have a chance to socialize.

Don't forget to bring your spouse and invite those survivors of retirees that you know. Parking has been made available in Parking Lot A between the Science buildings and St. John’s College or for a parking fee, in the Parkade just behind the Helen Glass Centre. Please RSVP by April 15th by calling 474-9552 or e-mail Barbara Cameron at

Fall Reception

The Fall President's Reception for Retirees is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 15, 2005. This will be confirmed in the next Retirees' News. We are currently exploring the idea of having a presentation to bring us up to date with the activities of Smartpark.

Where will you be in May?

University in May is a program presented in Cupertino between Creative Retirement Manitoba and the University of Manitoba Continuing Education Division. It is an opportunity for older/retired adults to participate in stimulating and enriching activities led by University of Manitoba instructors. Five tours are offered this year: Geologic Tour of the Belair Moraine between Lake Winnipeg and the Winnipeg River (Fee $45: May 31), Red River Historical Tour (Fee $50: May 24), Delta Marsh Tour (Fee $50: May 19), Canadian Fisheries (Fee $35: May 26) and Oceans and Water into energy (Fee $40: May 17). Those interested should contact Creative Retirement Manitoba (204) 949-2565 to confirm tour details and for registration information.

UMRA Web site

Come visit us on the Web! Go to the University of Manitoba Home page (, click on Faculty and Staff and then scroll down the left hand side bar until you come to the University of Manitoba Retirees Association. Once there, click on several headings including a welcome message, the UMRA Constitution, the newsletter, Health Insurance for those over 75, CURAC (the national association), Links and more.

What you wanted to know: CURAC (College & University Retiree Associations of Canada)

Our delegate and voting member to CURAC General Meeting is John Mundie. Lois Brockman is our alternative delegate. This year’s CURAC conference will be held in Vancouver from May 11 to 13, 2005. Retirees from the University of Manitoba living in that area are invited to register for this event. It will be co-hosted by the retiree associations of the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. The program will discuss “Extending the Professional Life of Retirees”, Retiree Representation “Senior Scholars Centres”, “Campus Retirement Housing and Other Benefit Issues” and “As CURAC embarks on its third year, in what directions should it focus its energies?”

CURAC/ARUCC has welcomed, as a new member, the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Retirees' Association, an association of 14 major Ontario colleges of applied arts and technology retiree organizations.

University of Manitoba Retirees Association (UMRA)

The inaugural meeting of the UMRA was held last fall just prior to the President's Reception on October 16. The following executive was elected: President - John Mundie, Vice-President - Lois Brockman, Secretary - Brent Clark, Treasurer – Douglas MacEwan, and Members at Large: Jay Goldstein, Irv Gusdal, John Hamerton, John Markham, Steve Stothers. The executive has met three times since the election.

Two standing committees (Communications and Staff Benefits) have been formalized. June Stewart (Retiree Representative on the University Staff Benefits Committee) appointed by the Board of Governors and Nora Losey (Chair UMRA Staff Benefits) have been appointed to the executive.

Membership in UMRA is open to all retirees of the University of Manitoba and their spouses/partners. There are two categories of members: Active and Inactive. Active members are those who pay an annual fee which is to be determined by the executive and presented for approval at the annual general meeting in October. The annual fee will provide funding for a modest budget. A residual from the CURAC conference last May has provided the UMRA with approximately $1,000.

2004 United Way Campaign

Similar to the overall achievements of the 2004 United Way Campaign, the outcome for the Retirees of the University of Manitoba was a great success. Irv Gusdal is pleased to
announce that the Retirees have exceeded the United Way Goal for 2004. The goal was $62,380 and the amount raised was $65,208, for an average of $257.74 per donor. Thank you to all the Retirees who responded so generously and thank you to Irv and his team (Laraine Coll, Richard Johnson, Bruce McDonald) who provided the time and organization to make it all happen.

Staff Benefits

During its meeting of February 3, 2005, June Stewart was asked to act as the Interim Chair of the University Staff Benefits Committee. As the prior Chair of the University Staff Benefits Committee, she was instrumental in encouraging the Committee to draft Terms of Reference. That activity is still on going. The new terms of reference should be available in the future. The composition of the University Staff Benefits Committee was one of the difficult issues associated with establishing terms of reference. For retirees who desire further information on this Committee or its activities please contact June Stewart by e-mail at or telephone 269-3526.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) of UMRA

The AGM of the UMRA will be held on October 15, at 1:00 p.m., just prior to the President’s Reception. You are urged to attend the AGM as your participation and enthusiasm fuels the work of the executive and the committees working on your behalf throughout the year. The Nominating Committee is preparing for the election of the 2005-2006 executive. In order to provide continuity, half of the current executive will be stepping down and half will complete a two-year term. Please let John Mundie know if you or someone you know might consider running. Further information will be made available in the September Retirees’ News.

For the Annual General Meeting on October 15th, all in attendance will have the opportunity to elect incoming members of the executive, and to vote on reports concerning finances, fees, by-laws and amendments. In subsequent meetings, only Active Members will be able to vote, although all retirees can participate in the meetings.

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