Retirees' News: MArch 2000

The University of Manitoba Retirees' News
Volume Four, Issue One
March 2000

Our next reception - A new place to meet

When the Pan American Games were held on the Fort Garry Campus in the summer of 1999, one of the buildings used to house the athletes was the Helen Glass Centre for Nursing. Since that time, the building has been converted for whom it was originally designed, the Faculty of Nursing. This will be the site for our next President’s Reception for Retirees.

We will meet in the Atrium of the Centre where we will be welcomed by Dr. David Gregory, dean of the Faculty. David will tell us about some of the exciting things taking place within the Faculty. Dr. Emőke Szathmáry will highlight what is happening at the University of interest to retirees. Following this, there will be tours of the building as well as refreshments and a chance to visit.

It all takes place on Saturday, April 22nd, starting at 2:00 p.m. Complimentary parking will be available in the University’s P-lot which is located just west of the Helen Glass Building. You can access it by turning east on Dysart Road, then right on Sydney Smith Street. Parking is also available immediately behind the Helen Glass Centre for an hourly rate. You can walk directly into the Centre from the parkade.

Please RSVP by April 14 by calling 474-8359 or e-mail

How good are you in keeping in touch?

Many retirees have availed themselves of the opportunity of keeping in touch with other retirees and friends at the University through a computer account. If you haven’t done so and would like to there are some things you should know about setting up and using your account.

First, the account is for your personal use only, it is not a family Internet account. Please don’t abuse it.

Second, like everyone else at the University, you have 30 hours per month free access. After that there is a charge for which you will be billed. If the amount billed is over $10.00 and you do not pay this within 30 days, your account is cancelled.

Finally, time is accumulated as soon as you log onto the University system from your home. So, if you are composing an e-mail memo, do it off line. Otherwise, you can use up a great deal of your 30 hours without any real benefit.

To set up an account, please contact Ms Shirley Hares, Computer Accounts Administrator, Academic Computing and Networking. Her phone number is 474-9788. Or you can reach her at It pays to have your Retiree Identification Card when contacting Shirley.

You continue to show you care

As in previous years, retirees of the University have continued to generously support the United Way appeal. You more than met our objective of $53,500, exceeding it by $441. Our total contribution was up 7.7% over 1998. The number of participants also increased to 258, an increase of 7.1%. Our average gift was $209. Again we played a significant part in enabling the University to meet its target of $308,900. Our contributions were 17.5% of what was received. Norm Long was our representative on the University United Way Campaign Committee. Thanks go to him and other retirees who helped in this worthy endeavour.

We need your opinions

The Staff Benefits Committee recently conducted a survey of employees asking for their suggestions about ways of improving their benefits package. The Committee is now in the process of developing a similar survey for retirees. Once it is completed, it will be sent to you for your response, likely in the summer.

You have you something to share with other retirees?

While the content of each issue of Retirees’ News is kept to one sheet, printed on both sides, sometimes we have space which can be used to publish letters from retirees to retirees. So, if there is something you want to share, please send it to either Kathy Vitt or John Mundie. If we have the space it will be published. Also, once the Web site is fully operational, you can use it as a means to reach others.

Check out our Web Site

Ian Rollo has been developing a Web site specifically for University retirees. It hasn’t always been easy task and we thank him for persevering. To access it go to the University of Manitoba Web site at Click on to Faculty and Staff and follow from there to Retirees. Here you will find Retirees’ News, links to sites of interest to retirees, information about staff benefits, a means of keeping in touch with other retirees, and a chat room. Ian would appreciate any comments you have regarding the site. His e-mail address is on the site.

Still have that urge to do some teaching?

Many of us who have retired still like to keep our hand in teaching. If you are such a person and are looking for a place where you can be involved with students who are keen and active participants, think about teaching for Creative Retirement Manitoba. It offers courses on computers, the humanities, social studies, music, art and personal development. Phone Ingrid Wedlake at 949-2565 for more information.


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