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February 15, 2018  

          Presidents Report
  • Retirement Planning Committee met a week after the last Executive meeting with much interest and goodwill from Central Administration.
    Greg Juliano welcomed the research that Janet Sealey has done on planning guides and related information from other universities. Greg Juliano has committed $120,000 for a pilot project over 3 years.
  • A company, Economical Select, has approached UMRA about supplying insurance products to our members. Janice Mann has posted information on our website. Daniel Sitar will include the information in his next newsletter column.
  • President's Reception April 14 at 2:00 p.m. Probably in Pembina Hall. The winners of the 3-M Graduate awards will present.
    Mailing lists
  • UMRA, with the assistance of Mark O'Riley and Greg Juliano, has been clarifying the lists to accommodate retirees who wish to receive only the Newsletter. We seem near the end of mailing hard copies.
  • Government terms limit some options on health insurance
    UMRA has asked Greg Juliano to extend health benefits beyond 30 days for surviving spouses.
    CURAC Annual Meeting
  • Central Administration will continue its financial support for an UMRA delegate, since CURAC does not provide any subsidies for attendees.  MOTION: UMRA to send Ed Unrau as our representative to CURAC, May 23-25 (Daniel Sitar / Marjorie Doyle, carried).
    Vice-President’s Report
  • Janet Sealey is fielding members' calls. Most messages, especially from associate members, involve health insurance matters. Insurance is available through CURAC membership.  MOTION: that University of Manitoba retirees in all three UMRA membership categories – Life, Annual, and Associate – be considered as an Individual Ordinary Member as defined in the by-laws of the College and University Retiree Association of Canada (CURAC) and therefore eligible for the affinity programs of that organization.  (Ed Unrau / Jay Goldstein, carried
    Membership Committee
  • Renewal campaign completed.  An Increasing percentage of new retirees are dues-paying members of UMRA, with 47 new members from Oct 1, 2017, to Feb 9, 2018. 83% renewals by current members as of Feb 1, with 1/4 of them for two years, and 5% for lifetime duration.
    Communications Committee
  • Committee is seeking recent retirees to join it.
  • The Committee is seeking items and recommendations for inclusion in future newsletter issues. Send items and recommendations for possible inclusion to Daniel Sitar.
    Endowment Fund Committee
  • Bursary Fund stands at $21,099.16 and is being awarded. The Scholarship Fund is at $1,990.40, with its terms yet to be finalized.