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June 6, 2017  

  • President's report:  Collette Tours offers discounted group fares for retirees: Ireland / Greece / Australia / etc. CURAC would also get a kick-back. CURAC has arranged through MEDDOC good group rates for travel and extended health insurance. Can be arranged on the MEDDOC website.
    Visit to aviation museum. July 11, at 1:30 cost: $7.50
    The UMRA website is fully up. Unrau will update information on drug benefits and insurance coverage. Need clarification for retirees, widowers and widows, on the exact date of expiry.
    Government funding reduction applies to benefits as well as wages. Some uncertainty about dental coverage because it is lower for retirees than for current staff members
    UMRA records, somewhat secure and easily lost, should be stored in the Dafoe archives. Learning and Development Services might cover the costs of copying our records.
    Producing the UMRA newsletter only in digital form? We will post notices in the latest mail-outs and canvas members' opinions. Sitar will help O'Riley's office to update data.
    Parking costs for volunteers. Be sure to charge the costs to your host organization.
    Pension solvency. Unrau raised the matter with O'Riley, who will report back.
    HR budget for retirees. O'Riley is supportive and regularly fully spends his budget.
    The president proposed that UMRA fund the $500 second prize at the annual Three-Minute Thesis competition (3MT). In return for providing the funding UMRA has naming rights to the prize, to be called the University of Manitoba Retirees Association Prize for Second Place. MOVED that UMRA fund the Three-Minute Thesis place prize of $500, that the prize be named after UMRA, and that the funding be provided from the general account for an initial commitment of five years.  [Jay Goldstein / Connie LeBlanc] Carried.
  • Vice-President Report:  Monitoring voice mail. United Way: $232,000 from Retirees, $595,000 from all others at UofM.
  • Membership Committee:  Two-year membership has reduced number of annual renewals. Up to 90% success rate for mail-outs that include stamped and return-addressed envelopes. MOVED that up to $150 in expenses be approved for next 2017 mailings. [Jean Paterson / Daniel Sitar] Carried.
  • Retirement / Planning Committee:
    Awaiting a response from Administration to our report. Consider (with or without HR) holding sessions on retirement, will, estate planning, power of attorney. Information on options to Sun Life. Include those approaching retirement. AESES will go ahead with educational sessions.