Leadership & Organizations Major
Successful organizations need effective leaders. This major focuses on managing people and leading organizations. It draws on foundational courses in organizational behaviour and organizational theory to build insight into successful leadership. In particular, the Leadership & Organizations Major can help prepare you to (1) motivate and engage a diverse workforce, (2) navigate organizational power and politics, (3) manage organizational change, (4) negotiate, resolve conflicts, and make decisions effectively, and (5) lead sustainable, responsible, and ethical organizations.

Leadership & Organizations is an ideal second major in combination with any of the functional majors at Asper. Wherever your career path takes you, the skills learned in a Leadership & Organizations major will equip you to more effectively analyze, advocate, lead and manage. Developing and refining these skills during your time at Asper will enhance your chances of accelerating and advancing in your chosen career.

What is unique about this program at the U of M?

The broad perspective of the Leadership & Organizations Major allows students to integrate knowledge from other functional areas to understand how managerial practices influence individuals, teams, and organizations as a whole. The Leadership & Organizations Major includes a variety of courses, allowing students to focus on areas of management that are of the most interest to them. In addition, the Asper School offers many opportunities outside the classroom for students to develop their leadership and management skills - including student groups, conferences and connections with the business community.

Interesting Courses

  • Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • Team-Building and Diversity
  • Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • Leading Change
  • Leadership, Power, and Politics in Organizations
  • Management Decision-Making

Students in the Leadership & Organizations Major often double major with another functional area (e.g., Marketing, Human Resources). As part of a double major, the Leadership & Organizations Major provides students the opportunity to apply their managerial skills to a specific area (e.g., marketing accounts manager).

Student Group