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Current Student

Academic Support

ABEP is pleased to provide free tutoring to its students enrolled in pre-management (U1, Arts, Science, etc) and management (Asper) students.  Courses include MATH1500/1520, STAT1000, STAT2000, ACC1100, ACC1110, and FIN2200.3


Awards, Scholarships, and Bursaries

ABEP provides its students with thousands of dollars of awards, scholarships, and bursaries each and every year, as follows:
• Outstanding (Academic) Performance
• Entrance Bursary – disbursed upon successful completion of Track 1 courses (U1 students) and/or Foundation courses (Direct Entry students)
• International Study Award
• Needs Bursary

Summer Internships

In conjunction with the Career Development Centre, ABEP will assist its students to obtain a summer internship with one of our many corporate partners.  Our internship students get paid top dollar. 

Networking Opportunities

Many of ABEP’s corporate partners are eager to meet with you today.  We host a number of events and gatherings throughout the academic year to facilitate opportunities to meet with representatives from our corporate partners in a comfortable and familiar environment right here in Drake Centre. 
To learn more about these exciting opportunities, please contact ABEP today.