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Management of Organizations

The Department of Business Administration offers majors in diverse areas, including entrepreneurship/small business, human resource management, international business, and the management of organizations.


Here's something to think about: What do business firms, government agencies, labour unions, churches, volunteer organizations, and the military all have in common? The answer: they all need MANAGERS. What does it take to be a successful manager? If you major in the management of organizations, you will learn that successful managers do two things well: (1) they plan, organize, and control their own work and the work of others, and (2) they motivate, lead, and communicate with their employees so that everyone in the organization is working toward the organization's goals. Management is one of the most exciting careers you can have, and this major trains you for a career in management.

Typical Careers

Managerial positions in public or private sector organizations including:

  • sales manager
  • finance manager
  • production manager
  • operations manager
  • public relations manager
  • office manager