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The Accounting and Finance Department offers three majors: Accounting, Finance, and Management Information Systems (MIS).


Finance is about raising money (financing) and spending money (investing) and deciding on the best ways to accomplish these tasks. Every decision encountered in a business has financial implications and it is crucial for Management students to have a strong knowledge of financial concepts and theories.

How do you value a share of stock; what about a new company project? What are options, futures, forwards, and swaps? What is the principal-agent problem? What about risk and return? Why diversify? Finance Majors can answer these questions and understand why they are important concepts to know.

The Finance Major gives a thorough exposure to a wide range of finance institutions including stock and bond markets, foreign-exchange markets, commercial banks, investment banks, the Bank of Canada, and the US Federal Reserve. Through problems, cases, and spreadsheets, students apply finance theory to real-world issues and graduate with the skills and understanding necessary for a successful career in the finance industry.

Typical Careers

  • commercial banker
  • portfolio manager
  • investment banker
  • stock broker
  • financial planner
  • financial research analyst
  • corporate financial executive
  • financial management consultant

Student Groups

  • University of Manitoba Finance Organization (UMFO)
  • University of Manitoba Investment Group (UMIG)