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Actuarial Mathematics

The Warren Centre for Actuarial Studies and Research offers a major in Actuarial Mathematics.


Involves the application of mathematical disciplines, particularly probability, statistics, and risk theory to real life financial problems involving future uncertainty.

Program Requirements

The Major consists of any 12 hours from ACT 2020, ACT 2120, ACT 3130, ACT 3230, ACT 3340, ACT 3530, ACT 4140 and ACT 4340.

Prior to registration, all students interested in or enrolled in Actuarial Mathematics should consult the Director or a Undergraduate Program Advisor for program planning advice.

To facilitate entry into and understanding of material covered in some advanced Actuarial courses, students entering the second year of the four-year program are advised to take the following courses: MATH 2720 plus MATH 2730 or MATH 2750 (which satisfies the elective requirement). Students declaring Actuarial Mathematics as their first major may take these course as either Business Options or non-Business Electives.

Students admitted in Fall 2006 and thereafter are required to attain a minimum grade of “C+” in all Actuarial courses in order to graduate with a Actuarial Mathematics Major.

Students interested in the Actuarial Mathematics major are encoraged to take MATH 1300 and MATH 1700 as Track 1/Foundation courses or alternately as electives in Year 1.

Typical Careers

  • technical, business, and organizational positions with life, health, and property/casualty insurers
  • pension and employee benefits consultant, educator and researcher
  • positions with government agencies, banks, and other financial institutions