Undergrad Courses


MSCI 2150 Introduction to Management Sciences Cr.Hrs.3
An introduction to management science techniques and models. Topics include linear programming, distribution problems, decision theory and queuing models.
(MATH 1310 or MATH 1300 or MATH 1301 or equivalent and MATH 1520 or MATH 1500 or equivalent. Corequisites: STAT 1000 (or STAT 1001) or equivalent and COMP 1260 (or COMP 1261).

SCM 2160 Supply Chain & Operations Management (Formerly OPM 2600) Cr.Hrs.3
Study of production function and management; production systems; system design, analysis and control. Prerequisite: must have completed 12 credit hours of Asper School of Business courses. Pre-or corequisite: STAT 1000 (or 005.100) or equivalent.

MSCI 3400 Intermediate Management Science Cr.Hrs.3
Operations research models used in the analysis of management problems. Topics include network analysis, deterministic inventory models, dynamic programming and game theory. Prerequisite: MSCI 2150 or consent of instructor.

MSCI 4200 Topics in Management Science Cr.Hrs.3
Topics of current interest in management science. Prerequisite: MSCI 2150. Not taught every year.

MSCI 4220 Management Science Models in Business and Industry Cr.Hrs.3
An applied course providing practical experience in modeling and solving business and industrial problems. Emphasis to be placed upon analysis, formulation, solution and implementation. Not taught every year. Corequisite: one of MSCI 3400, MSCI 4200 or MSCI 4230.

MSCI 4230 Simulation Models in Management Science Cr.Hrs.3
Introduction to and use of simulation models and techniques to solve business and industrial problems. Not taught every year. Prerequisite: MSCI 2150

MSCI 5010 Mathematics for Management Cr.Hrs.3
A remedial course in linear and matrix algebra and calculus; with applications to elementary management problems. Note: this course will not be included in the calculation of the Grade Point Average. Pass/Fail.

OPM 3630 Simulation Models for Operations Management Cr.Hrs.3 

OPM 3640 Project Planning and Control Cr.Hrs.3
Currently not offered.

OPM 3650 Management of Quality and Reliability Cr.Hrs.3
This course offers a practical introduction to modern quality assurance and reliability management concepts, methods and practices. It builds upon the relevant subject matter in basic courses in production management and prepares for positions in the field of quality and reliability management. Prerequisite: SCM 2160.

OPM 3660 Operations Management in Service Organizations Cr.Hrs.3
This course explores the applications of operations management concepts to the management of service operations. The characteristics of a service operation, while generally comparable to manufacturing a product, often place a unique demand opon the service manager. These demands, along with the analysis of actual company situations through case study applications, are emphasized.

OPM 3670 POM Project in Industry Cr.Hrs.3
An applied course, designed to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts developed in previous POM courses and current industrial practices by means of an industrial project. Prerequisites: SCM 2160 or consent of instructor.

OPM 4620 Production Management Seminar Cr.Hrs.3
Problems, development, and application of analytical methods in production and operations management with emphasis on planning and control. Prerequisite: MSCI 2150 and SCM 2160.

OPM 4630 Production and Inventory Systems: Planning and Control Cr.Hrs.3
To develop concepts and understanding about the planning and control system used to guide and coordinate the flow of materials, labor inputs and goods and services through the physical productive system. Topics to be covered include: 1) Independent demand inventory systems, 2) Dependent demand inventory systems, 3) Aggregate planning, 4) Capacity planning and control. Prerequisite: SCM 2160.

SCM 2210 Transportation Principles Cr.Hrs.3
Demand forecasting, cost analysis, regulation of carriers, role of transport in economic development, project appraisal and transport planning. Also offered as ABIZ 2210 by the Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics. May not be held with ABIZ 2210. Prerequisite: ECON 1200 or ECON 1201

SCM 2220 Selected Topics in Logistics and Transportation Cr.Hrs.3
This course provides coverage on a number of critical topics in Supply Chain Logistics and Transportation. Areas of emphasis are based on current issues confronting managers and regulators/policy makers such as global supply chain logistics and transportation policy.

SCM 2230 Introduction to Supply Chain Management Cr.Hrs.3
An examination of the management activities that are necessary to ensure an efficient flow of materials, funds, and information among the various organizations in supply chains, from the acquisition of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product to the end user.

SCM 3230 Global Supply Chains Cr.Hrs.3
The course provides a global orientation to supply chain management, with a particular emphasis on the global linkages between organizations in international supply chains. Supply chain management practices in selected countries are also examined. Prerequisite: SCM 2230 or SCM 3360 or consent of instructor.

SCM 3360 Supply Chain Logistics Cr.Hrs.3
The course provides an international/global orientation to logistics and supply chain management. Prerequisite: MKT 2210.

SCM 4240 Policy and Regulation in Supply Chain Management Cr.Hrs.3
An analysis of the process of policy development of supply chain regulation, a review of the legislation that regulates supply chains, and an assessment of the impact of such legislation on supply chain management activities. Prerequisite: SCM 2230 or consent of instructor.