Grader Marker Resources
Students who have attained a grade of B+ or higher in all SCM or MSCI courses are eligible to apply to work as a Student Employee / Grader-­‐Marker for these courses. Duties for these positions vary and may include assisting in the reparation, invigilation, and grading of term work and final exams; and maintaining office hours for student consultation. Grader-­‐Marker job postings are available shortly before the Fall and Winter terms begin and can be accessed by clicking the “Employment Opportunities” link under the “Students” heading on the University of Manitoba Human Resources page.

Summary of Current CUPE/Student Vacancies

Student Application Forms

A photocopy of your latest student transcript should be attached to each application form.

Preference is given to those with related work experience. Hours and rates of pay vary by position

Successful Students who have been hired by the Department of Supply Chain Management need to fill out the following forms and bring them to Siobhan VanDeKeere in room 618 Drake Centre with a copy of your Social Insurance number and a voided cheque.

Personal Information Form
Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Timesheet (print your own!)

Submission deadlines for time sheets have changed with the new payroll system. Time sheets must now be submitted on a weekly basis to Siobhan VanDeKeere in Room 618 Drake Centre. Late submissions may result in significant complications.

Submission deadlines are every Thursday by 12:00 pm.