Partnerships and Links

The links below include organizations we partner with through either joint appointments and/or research collaborations within the HLHP Research Institute.

in motion

Manitoba Health Living

Manitoba Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Sport

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

City of Winnipeg – Community Services (including Recreation)

Sport Manitoba

Parks Canada


Many helpful links to Internet resources on physical education, recreation and leisure can be found through the University’s Elizabeth Dafoe Library Web site. Please click on the following link for information on associations, electronic publications, government departments, institutes and centres, other Internet links and universities and research centres.

The following are additional links to organizations and resources:

Canada's Physical Activity Guide

Physical Health and Education Canada

Canadian Parks & Recreation Assocation

Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba

Career Trek

Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures Task Force Report

Manitoba Physical Education/Health Education, Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth

Manitoba Physical Education Teachers Association

NSCA - National Strength & Conditioning Association

Recreation Connections Manitoba

Volleyball Canada

Sport Biomechanics Laboratory, University of Manitoba