Health, Leisure & Human Performance Research Institute
202 Active Living Centre
Phone: 204-474-7087
Fax: 204-474-7634
Dr. Todd Duhamel
Director, HLHP Research Institute
208 Active Living Centre
Dr. Marion Alexander 204-474-8642
  306 Max Bell
Dr. Daniel Bailis 204-474-7326
  P518 Duff Roblin
Dr. Danielle Bouchard University of New Brunswick
Dr. Douglas Brown 204-474-8764
  104 Frank Kennedy
Dr. Michael Campbell 204-474-8514
311 Sinnott Bldg
Dr. Judith Chipperfield 204-474-6790
  P435C Duff Roblin
Dr. Stephen Cornish 204-474-9981
  117 Frank Kennedy
Dr. Kristine Cowley 204-789-3305
Dr. Russell Field 204-474-8312
  118 Frank Kennedy
Dr. David Fitzpatrick 204-786-9943
Univ. of Winnipeg
Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht 204-474-8646
  211 Max Bell
Dr. Cheryl Glazebrook 204-474-8773
  319 Max Bell
Dr. Melanie Gregg 204-786-9820
  Univ. of Winnipeg
Dr. Joannie Halas 204-474-6061
  110 Frank Kennedy
Dr. Nathan Hall
  University of Winnipeg
Dr. Amanda Johnson  204-474-8629
   308B Max Bell Centre
Dr. jay johnson 204-474-8996
  304 Max Bell Centre
Dr. Dean Kriellaars 204-787-3505
  RR303 Rehab Hosp.
 Dr. Zana Lutfiyya 204-474-9009
  225 Education Bldg.
Dr. Peter MacDonald 204-925-7480
  Pan Am Clinic
Dr. Kelly MacKay Ryerson University
Dr. Jennifer Mactavish Ryerson University
Mr.Gerren McDonald
  University of Winnipeg
Dr. Jon McGavock 204-480-1359
  510A John Buhler Res Ctr
Dr. Diana McMillan 204-474-7295
  467 Helen Glass Centre for Nursing
Dr.  Heather McRae 204-782-9583
  121B Frank Kennedy
Dr. Fiona Moola 204-474-9742
  308A Max Bell Centre
Dr. Semone Myrie 204-474-7290
  105A Human Ecology Bldg
Dr. Moss Norman 204-474-8412
  305 Max Bell Ctr
Dr. Jacquelyn Oncescu Vancouver Island University
Dr. Steven Passmore 204-474-6552  
  115 Frank Kennedy Centre  
Dr. Joanne Parsons 204-787-1019  
  R106-771 McDermot Ave  
Dr. LeAnne Petherick 204-474-1699  
  113 Frank Kennedy Centre  
Dr. Michelle Porter 204-474-8795
  338 Isbister Bldg
Dr. Elizabeth Ready 204-474-8641
  312 Max Bell
Dr. Kelly Russell 204-480-1312
  656 John Buhler Rec. Center
Dr.Kathryn Sibley 204-787-0787
  3rd Floor Chown Bldg
Dr. Jonathan Singer 204-474-8469
  310 Max Bell
Dr. Malcolm Smith 204-474-9484
  674 Drake
Dr. Leisha Strachan 204-474-8378
  119 Frank Kennedy
Dr. Shaelyn Strachan 204-474-6363
  311 Max Bell
Dr. Sarah Teetzel 204-474-8762
  112 Frank Kennedy
Dr. Christine M. Van Winkle 204-474-8647
  313 Max Bell
Dr. Sandra Webber 204-787-1099
  R106-771 McDermot Ave.


Dr. Kristen Klassen
Dr. Jeff Leiter 204-927-2665
  Pan Am Clinic
Dr. Alan Steinman
  United States Coast Guard (Retired)