New Kinesiology and Recreation Management Graduate Students

Student ID Card

This card is issued when you first attend and is a multi-use card granting access to services such as library services, gym memberships, lounge access, Winnipeg transit services, and printers and photocopiers on campus. More information and how to obtain your card.

Creating Your Computer Accounts

After you're assigned your student number, claim your University of Manitoba computer account.

SignUM is an account name that uniquely identifies you as a member of the U of M community. Your SignUM account and password are your online credentials and allow you to access various online services and systems such as JUMP, UMnetID, checking account status, email, and Wi-Fi.

Follow the step-by-step instructions and see more information as well.  


JUMP is your main portal for accessing course information, university announcements, job postings. Your email is accessible from the main U of M webpage. 

Login using your UMnetID and password, which you can claim using the link below the login portal. On the main page, you can gain access to your email and view all U of M announcements. From this page you'll can register your phone to receive either text messages or voicemail from the UMEmerg system in event of an emergency on campus. By selecting the courses”tab at the top of the portal, you will see a listing of all of your courses.

Email Address

All U of M communication to you will be through your account. It's essential you monitor this email account on a regular basis, as you would your personal one(s).

The university will only use your U of M email account for official communications, including messages from your professors, department, advisors and administrative offices.

Course Registration

Your first step is to complete a Program Approval Form. The form is to be completed by the advisor in consultation with the student, and must be signed by both. The Associate Dean will review and sign the Program Approval Form. Please submit the completed for to the Graduate Program Coordinator. A copy will be maintained in your file.

Aurora System

Claim your Aurora ID from the link on the main U of M website. The user id is your seven-digit student number and the pin that you set will also be used as your login to the on-line library services. Aurora has two sections, both a public and a secure area. In the public area (accessible without logging in) you cab search the course catalogue and apply for admission. In the secure area, you have access to your personal university records. The registration section also allows you to view your final grades, holds on your account, and to request an official transcript.

For help on registration please visit the below link for online registration tutorials 

These online registration tutorials are designed to help you use the Aurora Student registration system at the University of Manitoba. Please go through them prior to registering - they will help you understand the different steps & terms used in the process.