Bachelor of Health Sciences

This program will create a broad, comprehensive understanding among people working in health-related settings of the factors that affect health, the needs of clients and the delivery of health services.  The Public Health Agency of Canada endorses a population health approach and acknowledges that health issues must be dealt with in a broad and comprehensive manner.

You will deal with health issues on an individual, community and institutional levels.

For the B.H.Sc.: students are required to take 21 credit hours of science and 12 credit hours of social science courses from 36 credit hours of Approved Electives.IHP Science

Students in this program are required to take at least 24 credit hours at the 300 and 400 levels from 36 credit hours of Approved Electives.  This requirement ensures that all students take 35% or more of the 120 credit hours in either program at the 300 or 400 level.

Students in this program are required to take at least 21 credit hours from List A, at most 6 credit hours from List B and at most 3 credit hours from List C from 36 credit hours of Approved Electives.

Students should consult the University Calendar to ensure that they have the appropriate pre- or co-requisites before they attempt to register in a course.  A number of courses are cross-listed between departments/faculties.  The student advisor will give additional guidance.

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