Research Overview
Research Director – 
Dr. T. Turgeon

Martin Petrak, Director of Research Operations, Trevor Gascoyne, Clinical Research Manager, and two Study Coordinators: Shannon Barker and Sarah Tran. The extant implant retrieval lab and RSA lab have recently been augmented by dedicated lab space in the new Concordia Hip and Knee Institute. The research project has applied for funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health (CIHR), and an RSA network is being created.



Research Director – Dr. B. Black
A review of 154 cases of fracture dislocations in the elbow is currently underway, supported by a database held by Dr Martin Reed from Radiology. Also under study are: accidental and non-accidental death injuries in children; and the orthopaedic manifestations of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.


Sport Medicine & Upper Extremity
Research Director – Dr. P. MacDonald

Dr. Jeff Leiter, Albrechtsen Research Chair, Dr. Sheila McRae, Research Associate, Research Affiliates: Drs. Jason Peeler and Barb Shay. Research staff includes Dean Cordingley, Celeste Ferguson, Richard Girardin, and Sarah Flett. Graduate students: Marc Morissette (PhD), Alison Longo (PhD), Travis Hrubeniuk (MSc), and Darren Hart (MSc). Over 40 studies are currently active, many of which include randomized controlled trials investigating surgical techniques in rotator cuff repair and ACL reconstruction. The research team published 16 peer-reviewed manuscripts last year.


Research Director – Dr. T. Tufescu

Located at Health Sciences Centre, the trauma research team participates in COTS trials, including hip fracture classification studies and retrospective reviews, as well as in bio-mechanical testing of a new plate and Synthes implants. Also on the horizon is possible involvement in a multi-centre study examining fluid lavage and open fractures. Research Assistant is Nigar Sultana.



Resident Research

Resident research is coordinated by Jeff Leiter, Albrechtsen Research Chair at Pan Am Clinic. This includes sessions such as critical appraisal and review of journals, as well as assistance in setting up, coordinating, and carrying out a research project.