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Dr. Christine Egan Memorial Scholarship (for Nunavut Inuits)
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In memory of Dr. Christine Egan (Ph.D./99), who died tragically on September 11, 2001, her family, friends, and estate have established an endowment fund at the University of Manitoba. The purpose of the fund is to perpetuate her values of generosity and caring for others and her commitment to health and education in Nunavut. The purpose of the scholarship is to expand opportunities for the Inuit of Nunavut to study nursing by providing scholarship support to promising Nunavut nursing students.

Christine Egan graduated from the Hull School of Nursing in 1967, and began a long-term connection with Nunavut in 1969 working as a nurse in Iqaluit, and later in Cape Dorset and Pond Inlet. Subsequently, she spent many years nursing in Kivalliq, primarily in Coral Harbour and Rankin Inlet, and also in Sanikiluaq and Chesterfield Inlet, where she made many life-long friends. Christine Egan had high demands of herself professionally and a constantly inquiring mind. These qualities led her to pursue further education as a nurse practitioner, as well as in anthropology and health sciences, earning a Ph.D. in community health sciences at the University of Manitoba in 1999. In her work as Program Director of Research and Education for the Kivalliq Regional Health Board, she delighted in creating opportunities for others and was a strong supporter of nursing in Nunavut.

The available annual interest from the fund will be used to offer one or more scholarships to students who:

  1. are Nunavut Inuit;
  2. have completed at least one year of a Baccalaureate Nursing degree at a post-secondary institution in Canada;
  3. have achieved a minimum degree grade point average of 2.5 (or equivalent) in their most recent year of full-time study;
  4. are enrolled full-time in the second, third, or fourth year of a Baccalaureate Nursing degree at a post-secondary institution in Canada; or are nurses who are enrolled full-time in post-graduate study in Nursing or a related field at a post-secondary institution in Canada; and
  5. have demonstrated that they are committed to a career in nursing in Nunavut.

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